Help create Roshambo hand symbols for NZ fae characters

Image courtesy of Kittikun Atsawintarangkul at

Image courtesy of Kittikun Atsawintarangkul at

OK, friends, I could use your help again with content for my Song of the Ocarina novel. My heroine Lark has two bodyguards, Leif and Sonny, who Roshambo to decide who must carry Lark’s shopping packages. They each smack their palm twice and, on the third beat, open into a representative hand symbol. What symbols/hand gestures would these Noble Fae use?

In the U.S. we use these:

  • Rock (breaks scissors) with fist
  • Paper (covers rock) with flat palm
  • Scissors (cuts paper) with middle and index fingers extended like a peace sign


  • My characters reside within the country of Zealynd (on a different plane, but the same geographical location as New Zealand in the human realm).
  • The fae are attuned to nature, magic, and animals.
  • They are influenced by the Maori culture.

So, maybe my fae could use fern leaves, daggers and stones? Or something more creative? What can you suggest?

In the comments below, suggest a set of symbols and hand gestures for my fae to use for this game in the realm of Delfaerune. If I use your suggestion, I’ll include your name in the Acknowledgements page of my published novel. 🙂

Fae react to iPod, in “Song of the Ocarina” excerpt

Lark and her ever-present iPod, as illustrated by John Taylor.

Lark and her ever-present iPod, as illustrated by John Taylor.

The first time I heard about an iPod, I thought, “Great. Another electronic contraption I’ll need to manage.” [sigh] Really. I could not wait not to have one. Of course, now that I understand how the elegant and useful device truly serves me, it never leaves my side.

In the first book in my Delfaerune Rhapsody series of young-adult novels, Song of the Ocarina, my heroine Lark Tūrehu (pronounced “to-are-air-who) introduces the concept of an iPod to her sister B’rook. Here’s a book excerpt showing her reaction:

Lark’s heightened emotion pushed all thoughts from her mind, and she suddenly blanked on how to start this conversation with her sister. Reaching for calm, she merged her energy with one of the ripples on the pond, now smoothing after its choreographed orchestration. The bright flare in her aura settled it into a calm glow. With a deep breath, she reached down to turn off her iPod.

“What the heck is that thing, Lark? You’ve had it on both times I’ve seen you since I got back. Another human habit you can’t quite get rid of?”

Lark touched the iPod attached to her waistband, and smiled begrudgingly.

“Actually, you’re right, B’rook. This is an iPod, an electronic music player. It goes with me everywhere now. I can pull up any song I want, from any of my favorite artists, at any time, as long as I’ve loaded them into this device.”

B’rook frowned, but with interest. She probably wanted to hate it, but couldn’t get past her weakness for human rock music, which the girls had developed as small children in their tutored Human Culture class.



“Van Halen?”

Lark nodded, smiling. “Even Linkin Park.”

B’rook’s gaze devoured the device.

“Here, give it a try.” Lark held out the ear buds to her sister, who placed them in her ears. Lark dialed up “Faint,” her sister’s favorite Linkin Park song, wondering if B’rook’s eyes could widen any further.

After a few moments, B’rook grinned and returned the earbuds. “I may just have to pick me up one of those.”

“In the meantime, sis’, I have something to distract you.”


“In honor of our return, and the successful retrieval of the Sacred Pākiri drum, our Magistra of Glamour and Administrator of Protocol are planning a masquerade ball.”

How did/would you react the first time you saw an iPod work?

Mikk Stone, Reveal #2

Reveal #2: Mikk is a drummer who loves to party. He uses his drumsticks as conductor batons to direct… something very unusual.

Mikk's drumsticks are always nearby. Illustration by John Taylor.

Mikk’s drumsticks are always tucked in a pocket. Illustration by John Taylor.

He and his rebel Dark Fae buddies stole magical tools controlled by the Noble Fae, and experiment with them to get what they want, even if the consequences lead to the breakdown of their own world.

His best friend, Axyl Thorne, is Delfaerune’s most famous—and handsome singer/songwriter.

His story begins to unfold in Song of the Ocarina — the first book in my young-adult fantasy adventure series — due out in late 2013.

Watch for more character image reveals this week of Mikk here in my blog, and also in my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

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Lark Tūrehu, Final Reveal (#5)

Delfaerune Rhapsody series’
full character profile of heroine
Lark Tūrehu.

And, here she is... Lark Tūrehu! Thank you, John Taylor.

And, here she is…
Thank you, John Taylor.

Age: 18

Stature: 6’5′

Race: Noble Fae, a tall, wingless, magical people sometimes called the “Goodies” by their unscrupulous Dark Fae “cousins.”

Lark lives on a plane parallel to Queenstown, New Zealand, in the fae land of Delfaerune.  There, in Queens’tyn, the animals talk, extinct and mythical creatures thrive, and sentient foliage lends magical glamour to the Noble Fae.

Daughter of Benji and Sara Clanden, and sister to Gaea Clanden (human realm).
Daughter of Magistrate of Glamour (magic) Knyt Tūrehu and Magistra of Music Fern Tūrehu, and sister to B’rook Tūrehu (Delfaerune)

A college student, and music teacher (human realm)
The “Maestra” (magical music leader of the fae realm)

Musical prodigy.
Unprecedented magical Earth connection.

Flaw: Doubts her ability to retrieve and master three ancient instruments to keep balance between the human and faerie realms, and to save her worlds.

Quirk: “Surgically attached” to her iPod

Animal “familiar:” Akiiki, a kiwi bird

Love interest: Noel (pronounced “knoll”) Stone, a former Dark Fae turned sheepherder and music teacher.


Lark Tūrehu is the young Noble Fae heroine in the Delfaerune Rhapsody series—my young-adult, fantasy-adventure trilogy-in-progress. Lark’s story begins in Song of the Ocarina, the first book in the series, due out in late 2013.

Watch in the coming days for more character reveals. You’ll learn about the Dark Fae brothers: Noel, and the evil Mikk Stone. Also watch Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Lark Tūrehu, Reveal #3

Lark and her ever-present iPod, as illustrated by John Taylor.

Lark’s ever-present iPod, as illustrated by John Taylor.

Reveal #3: Lark carries an iPod everywhere, and uses songs to shift or complement her mood.

Here is another image of my heroine Lark Tūrehu. It shows her addiction to human music throughout my Delfaerune Rhapsody series-in-progress. The story unfolds around the young Noble Fae, starting in Song of the Ocarina, the first book in the young-adult, fantasy-adventure series, due out in late 2013.

I encourage you to suggest your favorite song(s), which Lark may listen to on her iPod in the story. If I select your song to include in the book, I’ll also list your name in my Acknowledgements.

Watch for more clues in the coming days to reveal Lark’s whole character image — also, image reveals of the books’ Dark Fae brothers: hero Noel and antagonist Mikk Stone. Also watch Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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