Mikk Stone, Reveal #1

A snippet of Mikk's image, by John Taylor.

A snippet of Mikk’s image, by John Taylor.

Reveal #1: Mikk Stone leads the Dark Fae movement to take over the human world.

He uses glamoured music and Earth connections long banned in the fae realm to influence human propogation.

Brother to the Delfaerune Rhapsody hero, Noel, this edgy Dark Fae role models himself after burned-out human rock stars, wearing black jeans, black leather jackets with silver  studs, and immersing his evenings in heavy metal music and groupies.

His story begins to unfold in Song of the Ocarina — the first book in my young-adult fantasy adventure series — due out in late 2013.

Watch for more character image reveals this week of Mikk here in my blog, and also in my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

To Reveal #2

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