Lark Tūrehu, Final Reveal (#5)

Delfaerune Rhapsody series’
full character profile of heroine
Lark Tūrehu.

And, here she is... Lark Tūrehu! Thank you, John Taylor.

And, here she is…
Thank you, John Taylor.

Age: 18

Stature: 6’5′

Race: Noble Fae, a tall, wingless, magical people sometimes called the “Goodies” by their unscrupulous Dark Fae “cousins.”

Lark lives on a plane parallel to Queenstown, New Zealand, in the fae land of Delfaerune.  There, in Queens’tyn, the animals talk, extinct and mythical creatures thrive, and sentient foliage lends magical glamour to the Noble Fae.

Daughter of Benji and Sara Clanden, and sister to Gaea Clanden (human realm).
Daughter of Magistrate of Glamour (magic) Knyt Tūrehu and Magistra of Music Fern Tūrehu, and sister to B’rook Tūrehu (Delfaerune)

A college student, and music teacher (human realm)
The “Maestra” (magical music leader of the fae realm)

Musical prodigy.
Unprecedented magical Earth connection.

Flaw: Doubts her ability to retrieve and master three ancient instruments to keep balance between the human and faerie realms, and to save her worlds.

Quirk: “Surgically attached” to her iPod

Animal “familiar:” Akiiki, a kiwi bird

Love interest: Noel (pronounced “knoll”) Stone, a former Dark Fae turned sheepherder and music teacher.


Lark Tūrehu is the young Noble Fae heroine in the Delfaerune Rhapsody series—my young-adult, fantasy-adventure trilogy-in-progress. Lark’s story begins in Song of the Ocarina, the first book in the series, due out in late 2013.

Watch in the coming days for more character reveals. You’ll learn about the Dark Fae brothers: Noel, and the evil Mikk Stone. Also watch Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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