Lark Tūrehu, Reveal #3

Lark and her ever-present iPod, as illustrated by John Taylor.

Lark’s ever-present iPod, as illustrated by John Taylor.

Reveal #3: Lark carries an iPod everywhere, and uses songs to shift or complement her mood.

Here is another image of my heroine Lark Tūrehu. It shows her addiction to human music throughout my Delfaerune Rhapsody series-in-progress. The story unfolds around the young Noble Fae, starting in Song of the Ocarina, the first book in the young-adult, fantasy-adventure series, due out in late 2013.

I encourage you to suggest your favorite song(s), which Lark may listen to on her iPod in the story. If I select your song to include in the book, I’ll also list your name in my Acknowledgements.

Watch for more clues in the coming days to reveal Lark’s whole character image — also, image reveals of the books’ Dark Fae brothers: hero Noel and antagonist Mikk Stone. Also watch Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Ten Years and Brahms inspire novel-in-progress

Music and word lovers, join me in the journey where music enhances fiction! If you have a favorite artist/song and would like to see it potentially worked into my novel-in-progress, comment here with the artist name, song title and a bit about its style/genre/lyrics.

I’m mentioning inspiring artist’s songs in The Song of the Ocarina. It’s one of the elements readers liked most about my first novel Rhythms & Muse. (“Look Inside”–even just its first and second pages–on Amazon and you’ll see how songs play into and enhance the plot.)

Allow me to share a few songs mentioned in Ocarina, the first book in my Delfaerune Rhapsody young-adult series. (It’s a trilogy about 7′-tall, wingless, Celtic Fae saving the world in New Zealand.)

Linkin Park’s “Papercut relates to a moment when Lark, the heroine, feels a loss of identity.

• Lark, also the faerie realm’s musical prodigy, plays Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” on the piano in her bedroom after returning to the faerie realm from the human world.

• When Noel, the hero, sides with his estranged Dark Fae family, Breaking Benjamin’s “Crawl will inspire the mood.

• Uncle D’s “True Kiwi Way”is a little New Zealand ditty mentioned when Lark meets her kiwi “familiar.”

• Lark’s Noble Fae sister sings 10 Years’s “Through The Iris”  with her Dark Fae boyfriend.

• Brahms’s “Lullaby” is the first song Lark plays on the ancient magical zither when she holds it again for the first time in three years.