Fae react to iPod, in “Song of the Ocarina” excerpt

Lark and her ever-present iPod, as illustrated by John Taylor.

Lark and her ever-present iPod, as illustrated by John Taylor.

The first time I heard about an iPod, I thought, “Great. Another electronic contraption I’ll need to manage.” [sigh] Really. I could not wait not to have one. Of course, now that I understand how the elegant and useful device truly serves me, it never leaves my side.

In the first book in my Delfaerune Rhapsody series of young-adult novels, Song of the Ocarina, my heroine Lark Tūrehu (pronounced “to-are-air-who) introduces the concept of an iPod to her sister B’rook. Here’s a book excerpt showing her reaction:

Lark’s heightened emotion pushed all thoughts from her mind, and she suddenly blanked on how to start this conversation with her sister. Reaching for calm, she merged her energy with one of the ripples on the pond, now smoothing after its choreographed orchestration. The bright flare in her aura settled it into a calm glow. With a deep breath, she reached down to turn off her iPod.

“What the heck is that thing, Lark? You’ve had it on both times I’ve seen you since I got back. Another human habit you can’t quite get rid of?”

Lark touched the iPod attached to her waistband, and smiled begrudgingly.

“Actually, you’re right, B’rook. This is an iPod, an electronic music player. It goes with me everywhere now. I can pull up any song I want, from any of my favorite artists, at any time, as long as I’ve loaded them into this device.”

B’rook frowned, but with interest. She probably wanted to hate it, but couldn’t get past her weakness for human rock music, which the girls had developed as small children in their tutored Human Culture class.



“Van Halen?”

Lark nodded, smiling. “Even Linkin Park.”

B’rook’s gaze devoured the device.

“Here, give it a try.” Lark held out the ear buds to her sister, who placed them in her ears. Lark dialed up “Faint,” her sister’s favorite Linkin Park song, wondering if B’rook’s eyes could widen any further.

After a few moments, B’rook grinned and returned the earbuds. “I may just have to pick me up one of those.”

“In the meantime, sis’, I have something to distract you.”


“In honor of our return, and the successful retrieval of the Sacred Pākiri drum, our Magistra of Glamour and Administrator of Protocol are planning a masquerade ball.”

How did/would you react the first time you saw an iPod work?

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