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R&M Music CD

Song lyrics written by the characters in my Rhythms & Muse novel inspired the creation of  five original tunes, listed below. I created this approximately 25 minutes of music using GarageBand to combine software loops with my live vocals and (on three of the songs) my guitar and piano playing.

See other entries on this site to read the full lyrics and my stories about creating each song.

Both the CD and MP3 files are available via my CreateSpace page and on Amazon also provides audio samples of each track.

Rhythms & Muse CD

Available from my CreateSpace eStore and on

What’s in You?
5:07, GB and vocals

Like the Moon Pulls the Tide
6:40, GB and vocals

My Dreams, My Own
2:44, GB, piano and vocals

Not Far Away
3:55, GB, guitar and vocals

Mind & Time
4:52, GB, guitar and vocals

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