B’rook Tūrehu: Final Reveal (#3)

The bratty wild child character in Song og the Ocarina by Ann Narciian Videan

Here she is! B’rook Tūrehu, as envisioned by Stacy Lefevre.

Delfaerune Rhapsody series’
bratty wild child
B’rook Tūrehu,
full character profile.

Age: 17

Stature: 6’2” tall

Noble Fae, a tall, wingless, magical people sometimes called the “Goodies” by their unscrupulous Dark Fae “cousins.”

B’rook lives on a plane parallel to Queenstown, New Zealand, in the Fae land of Delfaerune. There, in Queens’tyn, the animals talk, extinct and mythical creatures thrive, and sentient foliage lends magical glamour to the Noble Fae.

Daughter of the Magister of Karakia (good magic) Knyt Tūrehu and Magistra of Music Fern Tūrehu, and sister to Lark Tūrehu (the heroine).

She’s been a captive of the Dark Fae for three years but, in better times, she spent her time as a student.

Strengths: Harassing her older sister, and tempting famous rocker Axyl Thorne.

Flaw: Her infatuation with Axyl, and the Dark Fae.

Quirk: Her penchant for human rock music and fashion. Also, she and Lark are the only two Noble Fae with silver-white hair.

Animal familiar(s): At some point, probably in book two, she’ll acquire a gremlin named “Vexi.”

Love interest: Axyl Thorne, Delfaerune’s famous rock star.


Learn more about B’rook in the Delfaerune Rhapsody series—my new-adult, fantasy-adventure trilogy-in-progress. Her story begins in Song of the Ocarina, the first book in the series, due out soon.

Watch in the coming days for more character information about the trilogy. Also, watch Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Lark Tūrehu, Reveal #1

Glimpse of Lark, illustrated by John Taylor

Glimpse of Lark, as illustrated by John Taylor

Reveal #1: Lark thought she was human, but actually belongs to a leading Noble Fae family.

This image partially reveals one artist’s interpretation of my heroine, Lark Tūrehu, in my Delfaerune Rhapsody  series-in-progress.

The story unfolds around Lark, starting in Song of the Ocarina, the first book in the young-adult, fantasy-adventure series, due out in late 2013.

Watch for more clues in the coming days to reveal Lark’s whole character image — also, image reveals of the books’ Dark Fae brothers: hero Noel and antagonist Mikk.  Also watch Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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