Axyl Thorne: Final Reveal (#4)

Delfaerune Rhapsody series’ famous Fae rock star
Axyl Thorne
full character profile.

Axyl Thorne illustration

Debut of Delfaerune Rhapsody rocker Axyl Thorne, by Stacy Lefevre.

Age: 28

Stature: 6’10” tall

Race and class:
Axyl’s unique lineage affects his Fae race, but you’ll need to read the book to find out why. Though he currently prefers to hang out with Mikk Stone and the dark class of Fae—the tall, wingless, magical residents in the realm of Delfaerune—
Axyl remains neutral.

Our rock star lives in a plane parallel to Queenstown, New Zealand, in the Fae world of Delfaerune.  There—in Queens’tyn, Zealynd—extinct and mythical creatures thrive, sentient foliage energize the Noble Fae, and speaking animals lend magical spell casting to the Dark Fae.

He’s a famous musician and leader of a band with the eponymic name “Thorne.” His raw talent and exceptional sex appeal draw women who follow him everywhere, and he makes it his job to keep them happy.

Strengths: Musical skill and the only Fae with the special power to meld stone silently with hand movements.

Flaw: His secret lineage.

Quirk: His soft-hearted love for one specific, notable, young woman of Noble lineage.

Animal familiar(s): His fangirls.

Love interestB’rook Tūrehu, our heroine’s sister.


Learn more about this bad-boy rock star in the Delfaerune Rhapsody series—my new-adult, fantasy-adventure trilogy-in-progress. His story begins in Song of the Ocarina, the first book in the series, due out soon.

Watch in the coming days for more character information about the trilogy. Also, watch Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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