Mikk Stone, Final Reveal (#5)

Delfaerune Rhapsody series’
full character profile of antagonist
Mikk Stone.

Debut of Delfaerune Rhapsody antagonist Mikk Stone, by John Taylor.

Debut of Delfaerune Rhapsody antagonist Mikk Stone, by John Taylor.

Age: 22

Stature: 6’9” tall

A Dark Fae—the tall, wingless, magical people sometimes called “Rotters” by their Noble Fae cousins in Delfaerune.

Mikk lives on a plane parallel to Queenstown, New Zealand, in the fae land of Delfaerune.  There —in Queens’tyn, Zealynd—extinct and mythical creatures thrive, sentient foliage energize the Noble Fae, and speaking animals lend magical glamour to the Dark Fae. His current home is a cave with an every-day mosh pit concert.

Born to a well-known Dark Fae family, Mikk is the older brother to Noel who abandoned his family to join the Noble Fae. He works to magically control his brother, who defected to the Noble Fae to teach music to the future Maestra.

He’s a drummer in a band, but would rather jam and party with his friends than actually find gigs where he can play as a drummer. Power-hungry Mikk leads a group of Dark Fae in a subversive scheme to take over the human realm.

Strengths: Musical skill and powerful glamour (magic)

Flaw: Self-centered and egotistic

Quirk: Loves human rock stars, and emulates them

Animal familiar: “Eddy,” a young silver dragon (extinct in the human realm)

Love interest: Mikk likes to hang out with his groupies.


Mikk Stone is the young Dark Fae antagonist in the Delfaerune Rhapsody series—my young-adult, fantasy-adventure trilogy-in-progress. His story begins in Song of the Ocarina, the first book in the series, due out in late 2013.

Watch in the coming days for more character information about the trilogy. Also watch Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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