B’rook Tūrehu: Reveal #2

Brook Tūrehu

Another glimpse of Delfaerune Rhapsody character B’rook Tūrehu, as envisioned by Stacy Lefevre.

B’rook just turned 17, a coming of age in Delfaerune, and her edgy attitude is about as tall as her 6’2″ height.

Her penchant for human rock music makes her seriously jealous of her sister Lark’s iPod. But she has one thing her sister never will… famous Fae rocker Axyl Thorne.

See B’rook’s Reveal #1


Learn more about B’rook in the Delfaerune Rhapsody series—my new-adult, fantasy-adventure trilogy-in-progress.  Her story begins in Song of the Ocarina, the first book in the series, due out soon.

Watch in the coming days for more character information about the trilogy. Also, watch Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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