Mikk Stone, Reveal #4

Can you tell from John Taylor's partial image Mikk is the story's antagonist?

Can you tell from John Taylor‘s partial image Mikk is the story’s antagonist?

Reveal #4: Mikk’s band of troublemakers stole forbidden magical spellbooks from the Delfaerune leadership, and their misuse is unbalancing the worlds.

All of Mother Earth’s realms—including humans, fae and “extinct” animals like the moa, dragons and phoenix—become endangered by Mikk’s attempt to use dark spells.

The Dark Fae plans unfold in Song of the Ocarina — the first book in my young-adult fantasy adventure series — due out in late 2013.

Watch for more character image reveals this week of Mikk here in my blog, and also in my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

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