Find your Dark Fae name

Delfaerune Rhapsody antagonist Mikk Stone. Can you guess what rock star's name played muse for my antagonist's identity? Comment below.

Delfaerune Rhapsody antagonist Mikk Stone. Can you guess what rock star’s name played muse for my antagonist’s identity? Comment below.

For my pending Song of the Ocarina novel, I picked Dark Fae character names based on famous, and even some burned-out, rock and rollers. Think long hair, studded black leathers, tattoos and piercings.

Use the first letter of your first name, for either a guy or a gal, then use the first letter of your last name.

As a gal, my first name starts with A, so my Dark Fae first name is Jett.
My last name starts with V, so my so my Dark Fae surname is Rotten.
That makes me Jett Rotten.

A       Motorhead

B       Bowie

C       Davyd Lee

D       Vynce

E       Jym

F       Skidd

G       Iggie

H       Mikk

I        Ronney

J       Keyth

K       Stevinn

L       Blackie

M      Chrys

N       Alyiss

O       Myke

P       Kert

Q       Eddy

R       Black

S       Axyl

T       Ozzy

U       Iron

V       Chryss

W      Elvish

X       Def

Y       Phyl

Z       Motley

A       Jett

B       Nikki

C       Phair

D       Rhiki

E       Byorc

F       Siouxsie

G       Thyn Lizzy

H       Indigo

I        Boney

J       Jewyl

K       Sherr

L       Zola

M      Runaway

N       Janys

O       Inez

P       Tyna

Q       Mad Donna

R       Jhoan

S       Lyz

T       Cass

U       Exene

V       Chryssie

W      Shinayde

X       Queen

Y       Alanys

Z       Motley

A       Morryson

B       Joplyn

C       Hendryx

D       Moon

E       Lawless

F       Winehouse

G       Crue

H       Pretender

I        Hynde

J       Osbourne

K       Banshee

L       Maiden

M      Kreeper

N       Wild

O       Whitesnake

P       Cyclone

Q       Guns

R       Thorne

S       Ness

T       Leeroth

U       Sabbath

V       Rotten

W      Distortion

X       Ratt

Y       Sixx

Z       Poison

Can you come up with a better Dark Fae name yourself? Please share.

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