Call for delicious vegetarian dishes for young-adult fiction book

Community garden

A community garden in Highlands Ranch, CO. In its beautiful surroundings with the Rocky Mountains in the distance, I could see this garden tended by faeries. ©2012 ANVidean

In a banquet scene in The Song of The Ocarina (first book of my Delfaerune Rhapsody series),  I want to describe a number of succulently mouthwatering vegetarian dishes.

But, being of Armenian heritage where meat is a serious staple, I am at a loss. Can you share a vegetarian recipe worthy of a serving to the political leaders of Delfaerune (my realm of both Noble and Dark Fae)? Suggest a luscious dish that would fit into this paragraph:

“The chefs honored her homecoming by outdoing themselves in the kitchen. First, the servers delivered a leafy salad bursting with a variety of bright, colorful, tasty garden vegetables mixed with the chef’s especially creamy, tangy Ceasar. How wonderful to experience fresh-from-the-garden vegetables again. Their flavors exploded across her taste buds. Second, arrived the main entrée: a perfectly presented stuffed winter squash nestled in its own shell within a field of bright arugula and dressed with a cheesy asagio Alfredo sauce. Artfully placed golden squash blossoms piped with pesto hummus topped the dish. The orangey, coconutty ambrosia delivered third … well, talk about food for the gods. Pure heaven melting in her mouth.”

In your comment, please make sure to provide:

  • Full recipe
  • Description or even a few adjectives about the recipe, describing why it will work in this scene
  • Your name, or how you’d like to be identified in the blog or book
  • Your geographic location

(Just so you know, I may use your contact info provided via the comment to communicate with you about the book, but will not publicize it, or use it for any other reason.)

– Ann

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