How to Entice Readers to Create a Book Review—ALWAYS

At the October 13, 2022, Alliance for Literary Writers, Authors & Yabbering Scribes (ALWAYS) meeting, our established authors reviewed ways to encourage readers to write a book review on Amazon or other social media.

Our roundtable also led us down a primrose path of many other valuable tips, listed after the review bullets, all of which you can consider as plants to nurture in your book-marketing garden.

Book review gathering tips

  • Right after your book launches, ask friends and family to read it and write a review. Ask any of your beta readers for reviews as well.
  • Amazon will throw out any reviews from folks they feel are connected to the author in any way—editor, relative, illustrator, +—so those close to you may want to use a different/specific email address under which to write reviews.
  • Since your launch team receives the book early, on the day of your launch ask them to order the book or download the ebook, and write a review. The proof of purchase pretty much guarantees Amazon will print the review.
  • Give potential reviewers permission to write only one or two lines about what they thought about the read. A review does not need to recap the plot, sound brilliant, or be lengthy! All you need is a sincere reaction stated in one or two sentences.
    You can even give potential reviewers a few bullet points you’d like them to cover, or provide existing review examples.
  • Away from Amazon reviews, you could coordinate your contacts to post comments, one-at-a-time, about your book in your Facebook, LinkedIn, or other online groups. This is also a great way to gain followers!
  • You could offer a free book, or something related to the book—trivia, top-10 list, character art—in exchange for a review. Or pay a fee to feature your e-book, free for one day, on You can also schedule an ebook promo on the well-respected The Fussy Librarian site.

How about some promotional ideas?

  • Create a video to share part of your book. Let the video speak for the book, no need to push the title in the video, you can add it to hashtags or comments. Hire a professional to read/voice your words so it’s more credible.
  • Use Canva to create videos, covers, memes, and other graphics for online sue. It sizes pictures and keeps resolutions intact.
  • Book Brush, similar to Canva, but specifically geared to authors.
  • Don’t be afraid to pay for ads to promote you book. It’s all about awareness! The following sites allow you to submit/offer your book for free, others provide promotional options.
    Note: most are geared toward ebooks.

    Sites to consider:

BookTalk (advertising) does promos for around $100/ year.

BookBub (well respected)

Choosy Bookworm

• One Hundred Free Books (OHFB)

eReader Girl

Mega Book Deals

eBook Bargains Today

Your New Book

Free Booksy

Books Children Read is a great site for readers to purchase children’s books. The site also loves to promote children’s book authors too. And look whose book was featured in the blue promotional bar when I visited the site! Congrats, Hayley Rose!

• Also, if you need help with all the action items in marketing your book(s), Trello comes highly recommended.

Here’s hoping these resources give you amazing results with your book review requests and marketing efforts!

If you have additional ideas and resources, please add them in the comments below.


Write on!
Ann Narcisian VideanBook Shepherd
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