Absolutely Wild! enchanted faerie products to help emerging young writers

Absolutely Wild faerie portal

One of our original faerie portals, Spektralized.

Yeah, I know, it’s an absolutely wild idea: sell a book by creating a whole business around it. Still, when the idea is cool and whimsical, teaches you new things, and also supports something you adore… why not!

My long-time friend Cherie Scott read book 1 in my Delfaerune Rhapsody series, Song of the Ocarina, and the Fae characters inspired her to sculpt a faerie portal for me. As a thank you, I wrote a short story about the faerie who lived within it. (You can see both, below.) That gave us the idea to craft custom portals and tales for others who like the idea of having a faerie friend around.


One of our custom faerie portals and Faerie’s Tale: Auntie’s Visitors

The creativity of it all moved us right into developing Absolutely Wild! Enchanted Faerie Portals & Other Whimsy.


Our faerie products include a special Delfaerune Rhapsody line of portals and tales. We also published a faerie portals coloring book with writing prompts, packs of coloring note cards, and themed Faeries’ Tales.

The best part is that your gift of imagination and whimsy—whether for yourself or a special someone—helps us support our passion: emerging young writers and creatives.

So, as of this week, we are open for business! [Yes, that’s me bouncing from foot to foot so I don’t squeal and pierce your eardrums.] Wanna help us realize our dream and our dream for young writers? Check it out.

Absolutely Wild faerie portal

Our original faerie portal sculpted by
Cherie Scott.

Excerpt from
Fidget’s Visitor: A Faerie’s Tale

The fluffy cinnamon-spotted dog sniffed at the wee wooden door. His yips made the spindly mushrooms lining the front walk vibrate in time with the faerie’s gossamer wings.

The tiny creature inside the door risked a peep through a thin crack in the wood, and trembled when a giant brown eye moved closer. It blinked, and she whipped back against the stone wall of her kitchen, throwing her hands over her eyes.

What could he want? Did he smell the ChocoLavender cookies baking in her wood stove?

Absolutely Wild! Faerie's Tale booklet
Our original Faerie’s Tale, written by Ann Videan… in booklet form.

She found her courage and turned to peer through the crevice again. The dog cocked his head and one ear flopped into the crackling leaves blown against the door from her garden. He gently nipped a small Aspen-illustrated card from a basket hanging around his neck, and nudged it under her door with his nose.

The fairy jumped. Her arms flailed and, on tippity-toes, beat a quick retreat.

Mustn’t come in contact with the paper! It could be laced with poison! Or, at the very least, contain a highly threatening message.p1370192

Careful not to move too close, she used a sprinkle of faerie dust to open the card, and gingerly leaned forward to read the large scribbles.

P.S. Yes, there really is such a thing as ChocoLavendar cookies!

Find your Noble Fae name

Noel Stone, newly Noble Fae, musician, and sometime sheep shearer. Image by John Taylor. ©2013 VUPublishing

Noel Stone, newly Noble Fae, musician, and sometime sheep shearer. Image by John Taylor. ©2013 VUPublishing

The Noble Fae, or “Goodies,” in my pending Song of the Ocarina novel, are based on geographical features and natural elements. If you were a character in my book, what name might you have? Use the chart below to select your good faerie name.

Use the first letter of your first name, for either a guy or a gal, then use the first letter of your last name. Example: As a gal with a first name starting  with A, my Noble Fae first name is Raindrop. My last name starts with V, so my so my Noble Fae surname is Islander. Hello, Raindrop Islander!

If you haven’t already, from my recent post, you can also select your Dark Fae name, based on “bad boy” and “tough chick” rock stars.

Can you come up with a better Noble Fae name yourself? Please share.


A  Baye
B  Forrest

C  Layke

D  O’Sean

E  River

F  Cliff

G  Dune

H  Guyser

I  Reefe

J  Volc

K  Sonny

L  Leif

M Arc

N  Branch

O  Steele

P  Bronze

Q  Eddy

R  Rock

S  Bridge

T  Sleet

U  Knyt

V  Legend

W Glenn

X  Stoney

Y  Noel

Z  Tundra

A  Raindrop
B  Val’ey

C  Dhay

D  B’rook

E  Lark

F  Delta

G  Fern

H  Mesa

I   Gaea

J  Summer

K  Meridian

L  Onyx

M Rayne

N  Tweet

O  Marigold

P  Penny

Q  Silver

R  Trea

S  Faye

T  Rosie

U  Daisy

V  Creeke

W  Twigette

X  Lillie

Y  Obsidiana

Z  Pehtala

A  Derrickson
B  Wattyr

C  Seasonaire

D  Vale

E  Moonegrove

F  Plantfrond

G  Rhodium

H  Hurricane

I  Ironspring

J  Tigerseye

K  Whirlwind

L  Woodside

M Rockforest

N  Broadgulf

O  Dewcove

P  Meadow

Q  Waterfall

R  Streamgurgle

S  Pondeglow

T  Windish

U  Pond

V  Islander

W Sandhill

X  Desertside

Y  Glowcave

Z  Beacher