Your ideas can influence my faerie novel: Lark’s Tale

What are your initial reactions to these ideas for the first book in my young-adult faerie trilogy? Your comments will help shape Lark’s Tale! (working title)

Image by Mark Pate (

Story highlights:

  • A tale about Lark, a lanky, white-haired, 17-year-old musical prodigy in Queenstown, New Zealand who finds out she’s actually a faerie.
  • Her unlikely mentor Noel (pronounced “knoll”) is a 6’7″!, blue-eyed, 18-year-old, dark-faerie-turned-noble sheep shearer.
  • My faeries are of the ancient Celtic tradition: extremely tall and willowy, no wings, shape shifters using glamour (faerie magic).
  • Music links the human and faerie (Delfaerune) realms, which exist simultaneously on different planar levels.
  • Lark – daughter of the Minister of Glamour, who has been captured by the dark faeries as part of their plot to take over the human world – must use her musical prowess to save the human world and free her family.

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