Cultural trivia from Rhythms & Muse, part 3

Here are the next few trivia questions based on cultural references from my Rhythms & Muse novel. How many can you answer correctly?

Trivia Questions

15. What classic play and movie features a Dr. Doolittle who did not work with animals?

16. What musical variety show had the same host, Dick Clark, from 1957 until its final season in 1989?

17. What Robert Crumb iconic pop culture image of optimism in the 1970s featured an amblin’, big-nosed, suit-wearing guy?

18. What slogan used by the American counterculture movement during the early 1970s was a symbol of passive resistance and nonviolent ideology?

19. What television show, which aired its final episode in May 2011, showcases the life of a superhero as a young boy growing up in rural Kansas?

20.What weekly American magazine, published by Time Inc., covers celebrity and human-interest stories?

21. What Mac-based software allows users to create music or podcasts?

Answers below in comments.

You can find these and more cultural references in my Rhythms & Musenovel and music CD:

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