Cultural trivia from Rhythms & Muse, part 2

Can you answer a few more trivia questions, all based on cultural references from my Rhythms & Muse novel?  :D

Trivia Questions

8. What Disney movie featured two bumbling dog-sitters?

9.  What fictional character is the “Fairest in the Land?”

10. What 1970s slogan, now recognized worldwide, uses a symbol as its second word?

11. What 1970s show featured famous actors vacationing under the social direction of “Julie McCoy?”

12. What recognizable 1967 superhero cartoon-show theme song used in a 2002 film and then rerecorded by Michael Bublé for the 2004 sequel?

13. What tissue-worthy 1970s movie featured a poignant romance split by the characters’ political views and convictions?

14. In what 1970s movie is a sinister truth behind the all-too-perfect behavior of the female residents?

Answers below in comments.

You can find these and more cultural references in my Rhythms & Muse novel and music CD:


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3 Responses to Cultural trivia from Rhythms & Muse, part 2

  1. Marcie Brock says:

    Ann – I LOVE this aspect of your book. Was reading through the questions, though – and hit the answers before I was ready. Can you hide them a little bit? Post the answers in the comments, perhaps? Maybe I’m just a weirdo!


  2. annvidean says:

    Trivia Answers

    8. 101 Dalmations
    9. Snow White
    10. I Heart NY
    11. The Love Boat
    12. The Spiderman theme song
    13. The Way We Were
    14. Stepford Wives

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