Cryptid, heartfelt music debuts from The Darling Sounds

The Darling Sounds "Haunt"

The Darling Sounds’ “Haunt” debuts Nov. 11, 2016.
The content may deal with creatures of dubious existence,
but the band’s video gets real with a sense of humor about it.


Tomorrow is the day! The Darling Sounds release their album “Haunt,” an indie pop rock collection of nine songs, on Bandcamp and Spotify. Woot!

Grace, Zach, and Cutter put their hearts and souls into these casually spooky, yet playful, tunes. Each track investigates cryptids—yeah, I had to look it up, too: aliens, werewolves, The Invisible Man, and lots of ghosts.

Don’t be scared, you’re gonna love it… not to mention these liner notes!

Liner notes may also give you a giggle.



Jada Pinkett Smith, Wicked Evolution, “Burn” – Today’s Video Pick

Ms. Smith appears to love wildly stylish, tall shoes. Maybe not these...  @2012 CEVidean

Ms. Smith appears to love wildly stylish, tall shoes. Maybe not these… @2012 CEVidean

A lovely face.

A stunning acting ability.

A delightful attitude about family, served in a loving and common-sense way.

And, now we discover Jada Pinkett Smith, the beautiful singer. Catch her fronting her band, Wicked Evolution, with “Burn.”

Yep, all-around gorgeous.

P.S. I rather admire her talented husband, Will, too. So, who do you admire?