27 publishing secrets shared, to help you create your book

Song of the Ocarina novel cover, Ann Narcisian Videan

This is my new cover spread. Can you picture yourself revealing yours soon?

At this moment, I am forty pages from finishing the final edit of my second novel, Song of the Ocarina: the first book in a new-adult fantasy adventure series. Once I format it and upload it to Amazon’s CreateSpace I will have a self-published print-on-demand book. Woo hoo!

Would you like to know how to get to this point with your book?

My first foray into self-publishing happened in in 2011 with the self-publishing of my first women’s fiction novel Rhythms & Muse. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of other authors write, edit, self-publish and market their books. During all the years in this work, I’ve interviewed and worked with a wide array of literary experts who shared their secrets when it comes to book creation. Now, I’m sharing all those secrets with you in a series of three workshops at the Tempe Public Library.

The topics we’ll cover include: book creation steps, editing, and marketing.

* Sept. 6: “27 Steps from Idea to Published”
People new to the idea of writing a book, or who aren’t sure how to get a written book published will learn how to navigate the process.

* Sept. 13: “11 Editing Tips to Wow a Publisher”
Learn the key editing techniques to polish your book to impress publishers.

* Sept. 20: “Market Outside the Books: Outrageous Ideas to Entice Readers to Talk You Up”
Have you already written your book? I will share unique book marketing ideas to spark buzz by leveraging your book’s compelling content.

Each Saturday workshop runs from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. I hope to see you there!

Learn more at the Tempe Public Library site.


Write on!
Ann Narcisian Videan
Write • Edit • Self-publish • Word-of-mouth

1 thought on “27 publishing secrets shared, to help you create your book

  1. Hi, Ann,

    Congrats on the almost-finished book. I know how much goes into that and how excited you must be right now. You go, girl!

    I’ve also been remiss in getting back to you with thanks for all your hints and ideas and emails — and for welcoming me to your luncheon series. It was a great boost to me to find some writing buddies way out west!

    As I write this, I am back East, visiting friends and family and escaping AZ heat. I won’t be back in time for your Sept. 6th seminar, but hope to be able to attend the later ones.

    Again, congrats and good luck with book sales! Best wishes, Patricia

    Patricia Hermes


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