Key insider tips on formatting a readable book interior – ALWAYS author roundtable

interior book formatting on Rhythms & Muse. Photo: @2014 ANVidean

I did my own interior book formatting on Rhythms & Muse using MS Word, and can’t wait to gain some additional tips from Caren Cantrell, founder and CEO of 102nd Place, at our next ALWAYS meeting, May 8. Photo: @2014 ANVidean

Do you want a resource to help you with your book’s layout? Caren Cantrell, founder and CEO of 102nd Place, who formats book interiors using MS Word for clients self-publishing through Createspace or Kindle. She joins us at our ALWAYS roundtable discussion in May to share her insider tips.

Phoenix, AZ-area established authors, feel free to join us! Please RSVP.

Next gathering:
THURSDAY, May 8, 2014
11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

(ALWAYS meets on the second Thursday of each month.)

Romeo’s Euro Café
(downtown Gilbert, AZ)
207 N. Gilbert Rd. #105
Gilbert, Arizona 85234
(480) 962-4224

Back-up location:
Joe’s BBQ
301 N. Gilbert Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(480) 503-3805

Cost:  A writing tip, and your own lunch.

RSVP:  PLEASE show the consideration of reserving your spot at the table by RSVPing through the “Join” link on our ALWAYS Facebook Event page or contacting Ann Videan.
If you’ve RSVP’d, please SHOW UP. If you run into a conflict, please let me know BEFORE the event so I can make the necessary adjustments for the group meeting. Cheers!

So, what’s your best tip for creating an excellent interior book layout?


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2 thoughts on “Key insider tips on formatting a readable book interior – ALWAYS author roundtable

  1. Ann You’re doing interesting things with your Phoenix writing community. Congrats! Would you ever consider collaborating on co-facilitating a paid workshop for authors in Phoenix? I conduct writing skills Wordshops (up to 3.5 hours) and would love to have an opportunity to create something together that helps us both market our services and provide meaningful information people would pay for. What do you think? We can set up a time to talk if you have an interest at all. Let me know. Best, barbara NEW! Pesky Word Tripper pairings are multiplying! Order Word Trippers 2nd edition TODAY. “How to Strengthen Everything You Write” Offer a Writing Wordshop for your group! Email Barbara for details. Connect on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter. Barbara McNichol Editorial 520-615-7910 Barbara McNichol Editorial provides professional editing of nonfiction books and articles for authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs. Your business and referrals are greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks, Barbara! I’d love to talk about doing a presentation with you. Why don’t you contact me via email ( to set up a time to chat. Cheers!

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