Mind and Time: Lyrics

Rhythms & Muse Music CD
Track 5 (4:52)Audio Sample

Mind & Time

Verse 1
How can I hurt so?
What have I done?
How could I hurt you?
My special one.
In one small week that never was.
I’m sure I dreamed it.
I’m sure because…it was so perfect, so very clear.
My senses sound when you are near.
And then you spoke your thoughts inside.
The dream came real. So much I’ve cried.

Time…made us cry
Time, time…makes love die.
Time, time, time…I ask you why
Time…passed us by?


Verse 2
It was a script.
I was the star.
I played the part,
but played too far.
I fooled my-self with blinded hope
That in my real life I could cope.
How can typed pages become real life?
It was too perfect, no cares or strife.
We walked in green with the unknown.
In such a world, Love’s seed was sown.


Verse 3
Those wondrous days
I can’t explain.
Who’d think such joy
Could bring such pain?
I cannot have you. The world’s unfair.
At least I had you, you once were there.
I want so now to be together,
To feel that spark, that intense pleasure.
Our feelings run so very deep
Yet, timing says that we must weep.


©2010 Ann Narcisian Videan

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