Spot the differences between these two pictures.

Rhythms & Muse cover model

Rhythms & Muse author Ann Narcisian Videan

Um, yeah. It is a trick question. Just about everything is different in these two pictures, except maybe the curly hair. So, why the query?

Almost everyone who knows me and looks at the cover of my novel  immediately points to the woman in the photo and asks, “Is that you?” This cracks me up, and flatters me greatly. I WISH I had that polished blonde, flowing, Hollywood coiffure!

Alas, my cover model is purely and simply fabricated. Her image was positioned in a Photoshop’d image to represent my fictional heroine’s search for fulfillment in the story. She was a top pick. So, I’m totally taking this question from my peers as a compliment!

So, do you want to read the book now?  😀  It’s available at the CreateSpace eStore (best value to author), and (convenient). And, watch in January for my CD of original tunes inspired by the novel.

– Ann

P.S. On the other hand…perhaps, I should go blonde. Or, go for a wholly different look, like this complete Chiquita-esque silliness…

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