Call for young writers’ and artists’ creative works


Art and writing by James A. Owen grace the first three pages of our hand-bound leather book.

 Writer and artist friends, we have received only ten synergy arts entries (out of the 84 needed) to fill The Storytelling Book of the Ancient Traveler, and we’d love to see your work in it! There is no entry fee, plus we are open to writing or art from “youngsters” of any age.


Simply visit, the project’s sponsor, and pick one of the Ancient Traveler’s “objects” to write about or draw. Your submitted work will appear in the book with the incomparable James Artimus Owen and Gini Koch. [Look them up if you’re not familiar… excellent company!]
We plan to auction the finished hand-bound book to benefit young writers and artists with a scholarship or some other charity support.
Check out, below, some of the outstanding entries we received.
Thank you for sharing this post with any creatives who might be interested.
P.S.  The  deadline for submitted writing and art is Jan. 31, 2018. Cheers.

“Demigod” writing (excerpt)
by Summer Barbaro

As The Ancient Traveler hiked through the forest, he was overwhelmed by what he saw.  Enormous pine trees towering over him like downtown skyscrapers. Among the pine trees, were white trunked aspen trees covered in leaves the color of roses.  He was enchanted by the sight but then realized the trek through the forest had made him very thirsty.

Not far away, he heard water rushing. Following the sound, he came upon a river cascading into a waterfall. The water was crystal clear teal blue against the red and green of the trees. As he reached for the water, The Ancient Traveler was caught off-guard by two glowing beings.

The one splashing in the water appeared to be a girl with jet-black hair falling to her waist and dressed in pure white. The other, a boy built like an ox, was high on a boulder keeping watch over the girl. His hair was blonde and he looked ready to pounce like a lion if threatened.


“Marble” object art by Ambrosia Jones, age 20

“The Comet” writing (excerpt) 
by William Edgmon, age 25

It was known that the Opus were reaching their ascension.  Prophesized by the etchings of creation, the sacred comet foretold their purpose.  Carved in the Comet’s surface were the hieroglyphics of past and future.  Pressing away moss and grime revealed the birth of a species.  Born immortal, they grew together.  Nothing short of an eternity to find love, then together they’d float across the dimensional plane.

Their eyes were on each other.  The goal was to listen, to receive, to offer.  No one dwelled on the carving’s end, and the single figure draped in studded lines.

Arizona Dreamin’ readers’ event redux

Thanks to Kris Tualla, I just experienced Arizona Dreamin’, one of the most fun conferences ever!

Held June 4, 2011, at the InnSuites in Tempe, the gathering of romance authors and readers was designed as a conference for readers in the off years between the bi-annual Desert Rose Romance Writer’s Association authors’ conferences.

Kris, the organizer, did a bang-up job bringing together talent, fun, and an opportunity to share great ideas and stories.

As one of the 24 featured authors (with my Rhythms & Muse novel and music CD), here are a few of my favorite moments:

  • In the Book Club meetings, readers like these flanking paranormal romance author Gini Koch all met up for an informal chat.    ©2011 ANVidean

    Sitting around in various hotel-suite Book Club meetings to hear readers’ love of reading, their pet peeves, comments and questions.

  • Building relationships with booksellers, publishers, authors and readers while hanging around the conference hospitality suite and book store.

    Authors Tara Quinn, Erin Quinn and Cathy McDavid talk about their writing at the dinner discussion. ©2011 ANVidean

  • Listening to the author panels fielding questions about their stories and craft while we all enjoyed a yummy buffet dinner.
  • Jimmy Thomas took the time to snap photos with attendees like me. ©2011 Liz Muñoz

    Learning about ebook publisher Sapphire Blue Publishing, a finalist for the Ariadne Award for Best Publisher 2008; and Dog-Eared Pages, a homey northeast-Phoenix used book store that managed conference book sales.

  • Watching the romance-cover-photo-model and marketing mastermind Jimmy Thomas comfortably work his magic as the only male among scores of females. (Sometimes puns sneak into my writing even when I don’t plan them. 😀 )
  • I’d be remiss in not mentioning, also, I was quite happy to sell several of my novels and music CDs.

Attendees felt so enthusiastic about the conference, Kris is already putting together next year’s, now annual, event. Check out the June 1, 2012 Arizona Dreamin’ event blog. If you want to get up close and personal with authors and to hear about new their books, I highly encourage you to attend.

Were you at Arizona Dreamin’? Please share your comments.