Coffee CommuniTea: Gold Bar Espresso, Tempe, AZ

Gold Bar Espresso

Gold Bar ambience. ©2011 ANVidean

The Grounds (location)

Gold Bar Espresso
3141 South McClintock Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282
(NE corner Southern Ave./McClintock Dr.)
(480) 839-3082

Tea Times (hours)

Open everyday from 6am – 11pm

What’s Brewing (coffee, tea, food)

  • Specialty coffees
  • Good assortment of teas (critical to my palate)
  • A glass case of tasty baked goods, including the best lemon McTavish shortbread cookie EVER!

Percolation Factor (the activity/environment/energy/service)

High activity. Gold Bar is always busy, and offers:

  • Game night
  • Live music
  • Local artists on display

Share a cuppa (cool background and stories)

In 2010, Gold Bar celebrated its 16th year in the Valley of the Sun as a locally owned, independent coffee house.

Gold Bar Espresso, Ann Videan, Molly idle

Children's book author/illustrator Molly Idle (right) joins me for a morning tea. Her whimsical artwork graced the walls while we were there. ©2011 ANVidean

Perks (what I really like about the place!)

Gold Bar, in my opinion, is the consummate indie coffee shop because of these traits:

  • Focus on the customer
  • Home-like seating areas
  • Ambience, including décor by local artists
  • Free wi-fi
  • Well lit
  • Lots of electrical plug-ins
  • Great drinks
  • Delicious baked goods
  • Friendly baristas and patrons
  • Fun calendar of activities
  • Finger on the pulse of the customer
  • They even have a secret menu!

The Grind (what I would change)

  • I’m not thrilled having to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom. 😦
  • Sometimes it’s hard to find a seat.
  • Its Web site offers no background on the owners, nor a full menu of all the goodies they offer.

Yelp rating: 3.5 stars


I love connecting people and ideas, so I’ve been creating small villages my entire life. Really, what better places can writers and musicians find to create “village” than independent coffee/tea shops? I wrote most of my Rhythms & Muse novel in coffee/tea venues, so it seemed natural to create this blog. Whether you came here to find a new favorite hangout, or suggest a spot not yet not posted, may you find Coffee CommuniTea exactly to your taste!

Coffee CommuniTea Debut

Coffee and tea shops attract villages of like-minded people. But, not just coffee and tea lovers or people seeking community, relaxation and entertainment. Business folk hold meetings in these watering holes. Artists display work. Writers meet with their book clubs and critique partners. Music lovers come to relax and hear local acts. What a perfect environment to complement my goal to support all things Words•Music•Village?

Join us on this journey to discover indie coffee and tea shops, starting in the Phoenix metro area.  You’re expected to be an integral part of the conversation, adding your own hot spots and providing commentary on what’s posted. Consider this blog as our own online village to capture the cool, the hot, the fun, and the funky in this Coffee CommuniTea.

So, ready to join me for a cuppa?