Pink hair + grandpa + gratitude = ???

Not really John Styn's hair, but still outrageous, yes? :) ©2007 ANVidean

Not really John Styn’s hair, but still outrageous, yes? 🙂 ©2007 ANVidean

Sure go ahead. Take pink hair and an outrageous personality. Mix it with a minister grandpa who lives in intense gratitude. What do you get?

One of the most inspiring TEDx talks ever. (And, I love TED talks.) John Styn recorded this 17-minute talk about his grandfather Rev. Caleb Elroy Shikles, and the beauty of gratitude and giving.

My favorite part is astrologer, writer, poet, singer, and songwriter Rob Brezsny’s concept of Pronoia, “the belief that the universe is conspiring in your favor.” I say, let’s live it, friends. You in?

Thanks to my friend Andrea Beaulieu for sharing this uplifting video.

P.S. Share a link to your favorite TED talk in our comments below.

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