Storytellers AZ writer’s tips: Photos for blog posts

Looking for easy places to grab great photos/images for blogs and other writing? Check out these cool portal ideas from Storytellers AZ writers at the April 12, 2012, meeting.


Storytellers AZ writers – like Brian LaPan, Tyler Hurst, Sarah Marques and Matt Fox – meet the second and fourth Wednesday each month, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Gangplank in Chandler, AZ., where you can find varying levels of royalty-free photos, for a free WordPress plug-in

•’s Creative Commons, offering a vast array of amateur and professional photographer’s images

iStockphoto, professional images available for a nominal fee

Can you suggest another portal for photos and images which might help other writers or creatives?

Check out our StorytellersAZ iTunes podcast for more hands-on ideas from our writers.


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One Response to Storytellers AZ writer’s tips: Photos for blog posts

  1. Matt Fox says:

    Ann, I forgot to mention The Stock Exchange the other night. The site’s at: You may want to include this in your list. I’ve used it for years and love the images there, much better than other places I’ve found.

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