Coeur d’Alene Trivia from Rhythms & Muse, part 1

The back cover of Rhythms & Muse features a Lake Cd’A photo. Click on image to enlarge. ©2005 ANVidean

A significant portion of my Rhythms & Muse women’s fiction novel takes place in 1970s Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Spokane Wash., so it seemed natural to create a trivia blog entry or two about some of the places and activities mentioned in the book. Do you know the area? How many answers can you get correct?

Cd’A Trivia Questions, part 1

1. The stately old junior high building, demolished after 65 years of service in 1975 and alluded to in the Rhythms & Muse storyline, stood at what Coeur d’Alene cross streets?

2. Coeur d’Alene High School, at least in the 1970s, had a small group of singers selected from among the Concert Choir members who performed pop, jazz, and other popular songs. What was this small group’s name?

3. In the novel, the heroine Alexandra Lauren’s locker number is #77. Why is that number significant to the author?

4. The novel’s hero, Matt Roberts, lives in one of the large historic homes across from a beach, the public/private rights for which have just recently been resolved. What’s the name of that beach?

5. Is there really a “secret” meadow above the shoreline of Casco Bay as detailed in the novel – a verdant green grassy patch formed from spring run-off and surrounded by pines?

6. Inspiration for Matt’s lake cabin and his children’s music camp in the novel came from cabins owned in the 1970s by two of the author’s neighbors in Fairway Hills. What were the last names of those two families? (Hint: The cabins sat next to one another on Casco Bay directly in view of downtown Cd’A.)

7. The characters in the novel record a hit single at a famous crooner’s home on Hayden Lake. Although that blue-eyed singer did actually own a home on the lake, did it really have a built-in recording studio?

More Cd’A trivia (part 2).


Answers in comments below.

You can find these and more Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Spokane, Wash., references in my Rhythms & Muse novel and music CD:

1 thought on “Coeur d’Alene Trivia from Rhythms & Muse, part 1

  1. Cd’A Trivia Answers, part 1

    1. Montana and 7th streets
    2. Viking Swing Choir, or just Swing Choir
    3. I graduated from Cd’A High in 1977. (A little-known fact – my parking sticker number was also #77.)
    4. Sanders Beach
    5. Not that I know of. If anyone has seen one, please tell me about it!
    6. West and Jones
    7. Nope, sorry folks. That’s why they call this fiction.

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