My Dreams, My Own: Lyrics

Rhythms & Muse Music CD
Track 3 (2:44) – Audio Sample

My Dreams, My Own


Verse 1
Dreams of tomorrow
I just can’t borrow.
Dreams, not surreal,
I truly feel.
My dreams, I find
Can’t be intertwined…
With dreams of another
Who’d cling and smother…

Verse 2
I need to call my dreams my own.
I want to own the dreams I’ve sown.
I’ll strive to own my future.
No other’s goal can fill my soul.


I am torn by swift, engulfing passion.
I must focus, in my solo fashion,
To stay true to my seclusion,
Not to follow your illusion.

(partial Verse 1 reprise)


©2010 Ann Narcisian Videan

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