Coffee CommuniTea: The Buzzed Goat, Phoenix, AZ

Today’s Cup o’ Tea
The Buzzed Goat Coffee


The Buzzed Goat graces a little strip mall at Ray Road/E. Ranch Circle Drive in Awatukee.

Buzzed Goat int1Perks (what I really like!)

  • Super-friendly baristas.
  • The neighborhood feel to the place.
  • Their “food” truck which brings delicious drinks to the masses.




The goatherd masterminds! Tony and Gabe

Share a Cuppa (the stories about the owner, building, history, name)

Owner Gabe started serving coffee in a food truck with his friend Tony. They didn’t give up on the mobile aspect of the Goat, but soon realized they wanted a place for people to hang around and be neighborly. What they developed is a comfortable, unique, welcoming place to chat, play, and enjoy a coffee or tea. I love the black and white checkered table tiles, and the green leafy wall, don’t you?


Buzzed Goat.Ann and Drew

Drew and I graduated the same year from Coeur d’Alene High in Idaho and, years later, recognized each other at a book store in Chandler. Since he teaches English and film studies, we obviously still have a lot in common.

Besides the place being recommended by a long-time friend of mine, who’s a regular, one of the main attractions to me was the name. Really, why…? Well, Gabe directed me to the Web site for this description:

“Why The Buzzed Goat? 

Coffee’s origination story, roughly translated, dating back as far as 900 AD. Goat herders noticed when their goats ate a certain shrub they would dance with energy and walk with a pep in their step; they were buzzed! The curious herders tried many attempts to make this magical plant palatable but were unsuccessful. They eventually went to the nearby monks who learned to steep the beans, and coffee was born.

Our story, much like their discovery, stems from curiosity and a quest for something special.  The Buzzed Goat is a high energy coffee bar dedicated to bringing quality drinks and conversation together.”

What’s Brewing (coffee, tea, food)

They offer a light, yet delicious, offering of classic and cold brew coffees, plus some blended drinks. How about a mint-chip white tea frappe, anyone?

I spied a few baked goods on the counter and in a cooler to tempt your tastebuds, as well.

Percolation Factor (the activity/environment/energy/service)IMG_7988

The entire back room is a play room with oversized and active games like Jenga, Connect Four, and cornhole. Its walls showcase local artwork. Gabe says they have plans to redo the room as a speakeasy, so we’ll wait to see what transpires…

The Grind (what I would change)

Not much at all. I love the feeling of the place, mostly because of the owners and baristas.

The Grounds (location)

4302 E. Ray Road, #106
Phoenix, AZ 85044
(480) 706-7411

Tea Times (hours)

M–F: 6am  –  5pm
Sa–Su: 7am  –  5pm

Yelp rating:

4.5 stars from 53 reviews


I love connecting people and ideas, so I’ve been creating small villages my entire life. Really, what better places can writers and musicians find to create “village” than independent coffee/tea shops? I wrote most of my Rhythms & Muse novel and Delfaerune Rhapsody series-in-progress in coffee/tea venues, so I found it natural to create this blog. Whether you came here to find a new favorite hangout, or suggest a spot not yet posted, may you find Coffee CommuniTea exactly to your taste!


Coffee CommuniTea: Cupz N’ Crepes, Ahwatukee, AZ

Pleasant French décor, comfy seating, good food. What's not to like?! ©2011 ANVidean

Today’s Coffee CommuniTea
Cupz N’ Crepes
Coffeehouse and Creperie
Owner: Terri Martinez

The Grounds (location)
4232 E. Chandler Blvd.
Ahwatukee, AZ 85048

Tea Times (hours)
Mon.–Fri., 7 a.m.–4 p.m.
Sat. & Sun., 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Share a cuppa (the stories)
My associate Kim Cecere of ON Point Communications introduced me to Cupz N’ Crepes a few weeks ago. We had a brunch meeting there to talk about writing. (I tell you, writers always have their Coffee CommmuniTea venues of choice!)

A late-start school day was a good excuse to visit Cupz N' Crepes with my daughter Codi. ©2011 ANVidean

Walking in, I immediately liked the décor and the feeling of the place, especially as a quiet spot for conversations. I ordered a savory crepe with vegetables and feta, which was very tasty. I know some people adore that lightly sweet crepe flavor, but I just have a hard time thoroughly enjoying it with salty foods. So, when I took my daughter Codi to Cupz N’ Crepes for brunch and to take photos, I tried a salad. Deliciously fresh! Next time, I’ll try a sweet crepe like honey, bananas and almonds. Yum!

I can totally picture me sitting here with my writer friends to brainstorm plot lines! ©2011CEVidean

I see why this coffeehouse was voted one of the best new business venues in Ahwatukee, and best for breakfast and customer service.

What’s Brewing (coffee, tea, food)
• Crepes, both savory and sweet
• Bagels
• Salads
• Coffee drinks
• A few teas

Percolation Factor (the activity/environment/energy/service)
The vibe at Cupz N’ Crepes, both times, felt energized and positive. A flow of people came in to order to-go drinks, others sat and enjoyed conversations over their cups and crepes. I can imagine a group of writers or musicians sitting on the couches in the back to share creative ideas and lots of laughs. The environment is clean and pleasant. I’ll definitely go back.

Perks (What I really like!)
• The quiet ambience
• Well lit
• Plenty of space between tables
• A comfortable lounging area with couches, a TV and books
• A colorful paint scheme highlighted with lovely reflective triangular mirrors, and ample shelving for tea sets, photographs and other French décor
• Fresh, delicious food

The Grind (what I would change)
• No grounds for not really liking this place. 😀

Yelp rating:
4 stars


I love connecting people and ideas, so I’ve been creating small villages my entire life. Really, what better places can writers and musicians find to create “village” than independent coffee/tea shops? I wrote most of my Rhythms & Muse novel in coffee/tea venues, so it seemed natural to create this blog. Whether you came here to find a new favorite hangout, or suggest a spot not yet not posted, may you find Coffee CommuniTea exactly to your taste!