Coffee CommuniTea: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Chandler, AZ

[This is a post I sent via my LINC e-newsletter back in August 2009. Thought I’d move it over here, so you could also benefit!]

I have to admit I have a vice. Tea. Especially the tea lattes at my favorite  haunt — the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. CBTL, Chandler, AZMay I interest you in a Japanese cherry green tea with chocolate sugar- free powder? Iced in the summer, of course. Ahhhh!

I especially like supporting the CBTL, because they purchase their tea directly from small, independent fields in tea-producing countries. They’ve also improved the living conditions in small towns by building schools, and donating toys and books. (Find out more about CBTL in this article in the Santa Barbara Independent.)

It’s always a great experience to go into a CBTL, too. I find the baristas very helpful, interesting and loads of fun to chat up. Like Jimmy and CCBTL baristas Jimmy & Chistenehristene here from the Chandler, AZ location.

CBTL is a place I talk about to almost everyone. It’s a great place to meet for a vibrant conversation over a delicious cup of tea. I recommend it highly! (Oh, and they do serve coffee, too! :oD )

Why not share your own favorite tea drink. Or, maybe you’d like to ask a question or make another comment? I value your feedback.


I love connecting people and ideas, so I’ve been creating small villages my entire life. Really, what better places can writers and musicians find to create “village” than independent coffee/tea shops? I wrote most of my Rhythms & Muse novel in coffee/tea venues, so it seemed natural to create this blog. Whether you came here to find a new favorite hangout, or suggest a spot not yet not posted, may you find Coffee CommuniTea exactly to your taste!