Hear 38 songs future readers contributed to my novel

Song of the Ocarina cover

The cover! Illustration John Taylor, production layout Michael Feather

I just created a Spotify playlist so you can hear 38 of the nearly 50 songs my future readers contributed to my pending novel Song of the Ocarina. Each of these songs will appear in the book as a tune my heroine Lark plays on her iPod, a melody one of the characters hums, or as background music at events throughout the plot line.

The story is filled with musicians, and my heroine is a musical prodigy, so expect a wide range of genres, with quite a few geared toward the 18–25-aged crowd.

Every future reader who suggested a song will see their name printed in my novel when it’s published (soon!). Check out my other blog entry for a sneak peak of that list.

Tell me what you think!


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Ann Narcisian Videan
Write • Edit • Self-publish • Word-of-mouth

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