Steampunk music. Really? Yeppers.

Steam Powered Giraffe logo.

Creativity with goggles,
from Steam Powered Giraffe.

  • Music.
  • Steampunk with a back story.
  • Coolest graphics ever, even including a comic book.
  • Videos.
  • A card game.

How can you not love these San Diego creatives?!

The robot band members:

  • The Spine (David Michael Bennett)
  • Rabbit (Bunny Bennett)
  • The Jon (Jonathan Michael Sprague)

Their human assistants/band members:

  • Michael Phillip Reed, the “One Man Band”
  • Sam Luke, drummer
  • Steve Negrete, sound engineer

Learn more. (I promise weirdness and inspiration.)

So, what do you think of them?

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