Suggestions for Selling Books, etc., at Expos

I recently staffed a table to sell my Rhythms & Muse novel and music CD at the Arizona CityFest Women’s Luncheon and Expo. Between talking with visitors, I made note of certain tactics effective in drawing people into a booth.

My friend Janet Drez (R) and her daughter Summer (L) at my expo table.

Here are some of the techniques I identified:

  • Register early so you get the best pick of tables considering the traffic flow
  • Wear a name tag
  • Fill your table corners so attendees can’t place purses or other items on them, which block your table visibility
  • Have a focal point on your table that draws the eye, like flowers, a computer monitor, etc.
  • Use good eye contact
  • Ask a compelling question as someone walks past the table
  • Offer special discounts just for that day
  • Offer neat finger foods like cookies, hard candy or licorice
  • If you’re selling from the booth, make sure product prices are prominently, but tastefully, displayed
  • Stand in front of the table to hand out “leave-behind” marketing, like a business card, postcard or flier
  • Remember to bring sufficient change for cash purchases
  • Provide receipts

What else can you suggest?

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