Music connects leaders to success

I just ran across a New York Times Sunday Review article asking, “Is Music the Key to Success?” It inspired me in this time of decline in music education in the United States.

My daughter Codi singing in the Arizona Regional choir last year. Photo: ©2013 ANVidean

My daughter Codi singing in the Arizona Regional choir last year. Can’t wait to see how she succeeds. 🙂  Photo: ©2013 ANVidean

The Oct. 12, 2013, article by Joanne Lipman, interviewed a number of highly successful people, who all made a connection between their music training and their professional achievements beyond the math-music association.

Like whom? How about:

  • Paul Allen (billionaire co-founder of Microsoft), guitar
  • Woody Allen, clarinet
  • Alan Greenspan (former Federal Reserve chairman), clarinet and saxophone
  • Bruce Kovner (hedge fund billionaire), piano
  • Andrea Mitchell (NBC), violinist
  • Larry Page, (co-founder of Google), saxophone
  • Condoleeza Rice, piano
  • Chuck Todd  (NBC chief White House correspondent), French horn
  • Paula Zahn, cello

“Many high achievers told me music opened up the pathways to creative thinking. And their experiences suggest that music training sharpens other qualities: Collaboration. The ability to listen. A way of thinking that weaves together disparate ideas. The power to focus on the present and the future simultaneously,” the article said.

The article included a funny quote or two from Woody Allen, and some very cool connections between music and real life. If is definitely worth a read.

What other information have you run across that proves the importance of music in our country’s educational programs?


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New music to enlighten and inspire

41dj1GBoOvL._SL500_AA280_ I’m so thrilled for my dear friend Andrea Beaulieu, who just released this heartfelt song, “One Heart, One Mind” with Richard Palalay. Andrea wrote the lyrics and sings the lovely melody within the arrangement composed by Richard.

Honestly, this beautiful song will lighten your day. You can get it from Andrea, Amazon, or  through the iTunes store.

Peter Gabriel, even more “spacey” than usual

Three people living somewhere up there, higher than the blue, spoke with Peter Gabriel this month.  "Howard, CO sky" ©2008 ANVidean

Three people living somewhere up there, higher than the blue, overcame the limitations of space with Peter Gabriel.          “Sky in Howard, CO” ©2008 ANVidean

I just could not resist sharing this video of three astronauts on the space station quite literally “hanging” around, talking and sharing music with Peter Gabriel and his family at NASA.

The English singer, musician, and songwriter (Genesis), remains one of my all-time favorite lyricists, creative thinkers and humanitarians.

A YouTube video gem. You’re welcome. 😀

P.S. Share a link to a unique video about your favorite musician.

Coffee CommuniTea Debut

Coffee and tea shops attract villages of like-minded people. But, not just coffee and tea lovers or people seeking community, relaxation and entertainment. Business folk hold meetings in these watering holes. Artists display work. Writers meet with their book clubs and critique partners. Music lovers come to relax and hear local acts. What a perfect environment to complement my goal to support all things Words•Music•Village?

Join us on this journey to discover indie coffee and tea shops, starting in the Phoenix metro area.  You’re expected to be an integral part of the conversation, adding your own hot spots and providing commentary on what’s posted. Consider this blog as our own online village to capture the cool, the hot, the fun, and the funky in this Coffee CommuniTea.

So, ready to join me for a cuppa?