Coffee CommuniTea: Souvia Tea, Phoenix, AZ

Today’s Cup o’ Tea: Souvia Tea

@2011 ANVidean

Perks (what I really like!)
Souvia is probably my favorite independent teashop in the Phoenix area. I love it mostly because it’s dedicated only to delicious tea.

As you walk in the door, an earthy tang of pure tea with all-natural flavorings floods your senses. You’ll think you’ve just walked into heaven. (Oh, wait, maybe that’s the Apple Computer store. Could there be two heavens? Ah, but I digress…)

Surrounded by 120+ premium loose teas and tisanes (herbals) from around the world, and knowledgeable baristas to help you understand all their nuances, what’s not to love?

I find the store small, but comfortable, and a very relaxing respite from the daily GRIND, if you’ll excuse my pun.

Souvia also has a nice little selection of tea accessories. I found myself the perfect “Tea-vangelist” TEA-shirt there, too. (Oh, I’m just full of them today!)

The perfect tea for me! @2011 Andrea Beaulieu

Share a cuppa (the stories)
Owners Bret and Kerstin Wingart explain on their Web site that the idea for their shop came to them in the spring of 2004 while hiking in the Maverick Mountains south of Prescott, Ariz. Based on their initial plans that day – plus research, and inspiration from tea room and retail establishment visits in Germany, Austria, China and Japan – the Wingarts opened their  store on Jan. 7, 2006, in Phoenix.

The name Souvia is a combination of two partial words. “Sou,” from the word “soul,” reflects the belief that tea and its traditions are good for one’s soul. “Via” the Latin root for “the way,” and the last part of Kerstin’s middle name, also fit. Therefore: “Souvia,” representing the soul of Olivia and the way of tea.

Very nice. This wordsmith approves.

What’s Brewing (coffee, tea, food)
The focus is strictly on custom-brewed teas here, so you’ll find only a few goodies and snacks. My Almond Dream brew, which tasted like a freshly warm oatmeal cookie, beautifully complemented the deliciously chewy chocolate chip cookies I shared with my friend Andrea.

Andrea Beaulieu and I enjoy great smells, tastes and camaraderie at Souvia Tea in Phoenix. Thanks to our barista for snapping this shot.

The Grind (what I would change)
I only wish Souvia was not 45 minutes from my home in Mesa!

Percolation Factor (the activity/environment/energy/service)

  • Souvia offers informative, customized tea seminars and tastings.
  • They host private events, too.
  • They sell gifts and accessories to help you brew the perfect cup of tea.
  • The owners are members of the USA Specialty Tea Institute, and their training and dedication to the craft certainly shows.

The Grounds (location)
15414 N. 7th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85022

Tea Times (hours)
Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Yelp rating
4 stars

I love connecting people and ideas, so I’ve been creating small villages my entire life. Really, what better places can writers and musicians find to create “village” than independent coffee/tea shops? I wrote most of my Rhythms & Muse novel in coffee/tea venues, so it seemed natural to create this blog. Whether you came here to find a new favorite hangout, or suggest a spot not yet not posted, may you find Coffee CommuniTea exactly to your taste!

2 thoughts on “Coffee CommuniTea: Souvia Tea, Phoenix, AZ

  1. Thanks Ann for the kind words – we have many customers who visit every couple of months to see what’s new then have us ship tea in-between… it takes only one business day to most valley locations….

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